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Abha & Karan (Lead Roles)

Abha Karan Prasad

Nilu(Abha's Friend)

Thakur Family

Karan Prasad

Lata & Father


This is the story of Abha and Karan . Abha's family consists of her parents, Thakur Uday Pratap Singh and Chandra Prabha and her elder brother Prakash (Tarun Mehta). Her elder sister, Lata (Namrata Thapa) is married to Samarjeet and stays with him. They own a palatial mansion called Swarn Bhavan. Despite being very rich, Abha's mother has always tried to make less expense, a reason unknown to Abha. When she confronts her mother, she learns the harsh truth that their family is covered in huge debts and they are actually penniless. Her father lives with false pride and refuses to believe in the reality. Later, as the story progresses, Thakur's arch enemy, Jagmohan (Shishir Sharma) buys the mansion and throws the entire family out. Jagmohan's father was actually Thakur's father's driver when Jagmohan was small but one day, during a festival, Jagmohan wanted to see the gold statues of God but Thakur's father insults Jagmohan's dad and fires him. Since then, Jagmohan was looking for a chance to get back to Thakur.

Abha will have to go through a difficult pennance so that she can protect Karan's life from danger. on the other side, lata was walking by a temple when a fake priest asks to read her hand. The fake priest tells Lata that Raj's life is in danger. However, the mastermind behind this "fake" priest was Raj's grandmother. Lata finds out the truth and she finds out that it was Raj's grandmother who poisoned everyone's mind against Raj's mother. Threfore, a war starts between Lata and Raj's grandmother. Nilanjana, the woman whom gave shelter to Abha has a husband, Dr. Viren Roy. Viren Roy is a great, but strict doctor who loves his wife a lot. later abha are going to marry viren.Its now over and is replaced by another Soap called Rab Sehona Isqu

Yahan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli April 02 '10 - Song

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Abha & Karan ~~Tum Mere Kaun Ho ~~

Yahan mein ghar ghar kheli Karan and Abha Background music (song) Listen and like it !!!! Enjoyyy