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Pavitra Rishta is one of my favorite Hindi soap opera. The story line consists of three families who face difficult times but the plot mostly surrounds the Deshmukh family.


Pavitra Rishta is the story of Archana, who is not very much educated but handles house work very easily. Though everyone is dependent on her, only her brother and mother really value her importance. Archana's mother has the only aim of getting a decent, well-educated man,who can provide her daughter with all the comforts of life after marriage. But Archana's marriage plans always run into obstacles due some unfavorable reasons.

Simultaneously runs the story of Manav, a mechanic, who falls in love with Archana for her kindness. Destiny and circumstances cause his marriage proposal to reach Archana, but to be accepted he has to lie about his credentials. Because of unavoidable situations, he is forced to lie to the Karanjkar family in order to make archana his dutiful wife.. The marriage takes place, but the moment Archana's mother comes to know about the lie she refuses to let her daughter go with Manav. Their lives go through many twists and turns from here, and the made-for-each-other couple is brought together after all.

Four years later

Archana and Manav have three children — a son Soham and twin daughters Tejaswini and Ovi. They also adopt Sachin, the son of Manav's deceased brother. Manav works for a business tycoon named D.K. and earns enough to provide his family with all possible comforts. However, adverse circumstances and severe misunderstandings separate Archana and Manav. After court cases and Soham is abducted by Archana's deranged sister Varsha, who falls into a river with him, Manav gets totally estranged from his wife. He goes to Canada with Sachin and his daughters Ovi and Tejaswini, leaving Archana in India. Archana picks up the pieces of her life and adopts an orphaned girl named Purvi.

After eighteen years

Eighteen years later, much has changed in the serial. Manav's and Archana's children have grown up. Ovi is in love with D.K.'s son Arjun, but he only thinks of her as a friend though later he agrees to get married to her just to make his father and Ovi happy. The tomboyish Tejaswini longs for a glimpse of her homeland, India. Sachin is a lawyer and broods over the family's past. Purvi is a hard-working and determined young woman. Arjun visits India to take over the company for which Purvi and Archana work, having heated confrontations regarding management. Manav gets a forged notice of divorce, created by his mother.

Meanwhile, Punni hopes to be engaged to a wealthy man, but ends up with the middle-class Prashant. Manav appears at the engagement and tells Archana how he really feels, and offers to take her to Canada. However, Archana says she did sign the divorce papers only for alimony because Sachin asks her to divorce him, as she spent 18 years away from him, his real mother Shravani still loves him, and he asks her for Shravani's sake. Manav and Archana complete all the engagement ceremonies together as husband and wife and their picture is taken. Punni sends these pictures to Purvi and Purvi learns that Manav is her father. In the meanwhile, her office colleague Vinay proposes marriage to her and when Archana agrees, Purvi too readily agrees while trying hard to unite her mother and father. Because of this, on the day of the court hearing, she sents a letter that she doesn't want to take up the responsibilities of her mother, leading the court to give the verdict that Manav and Archana will have to stay with each other for six months. At the same time, Arjun and Purvi have some nice moments together and though they still don't know it.

Pavitra Rishta Title Song

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